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ID Cards Mandatory for Children Under 15

According to a decision by the Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA), all children under the age of 15 are now obliged to have an Emirates Identity Card. This had previously been optional, as children only needed to be entered into the population register.

The deadline for obtaining the ID for the children of citizens is the end of June. Officials from EIDA explained that “there are only a few locals who did not [get an ID] yet. That is why we set a deadline.” No penalties for missing the date will be imposed, but the EIDA hopes that there will be no need for punitive measures.

Non-nationals are also required to apply for ID cards for children under the age of 15, but in their case no deadline has been imposed. However, ID will now be required in order to renew a family residency visa, which will act as a compelling factor. Those applying to reside in the country for the first time will be required to obtain ID cards for their children upon arrival.

Documents required when applying for children’s UAE Identity Cards:

  • For UAE nationals: Application form, original passport, original family registry certificate, parents’ registry certificate (optional)
  • For Expatriates: application form plus valid original passport including residence visa
  • Fees for children: A flat fee of approximately $32 including all charges. The fee is waived for Emiratis.

Children do not have to be present at the processing center, and a parent or a guardian can apply for a child’s ID card. Also, children are not required to give fingerprints. It will be necessary to bring a passport-sized photo of the child, taken against a light blue background. It is possible to apply without a photo, but in which case the child needs to be present and will be photographed on-site.

The new measure is hoped to give authorities a better fix on population trends and enhance e-Government programs. “It will help to see how many people are in the UAE, and it will help the Government in so many things,” commented an EIDA official.

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