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Why Not Sendatenner?

The revival of the best present ever

Everywhere you look you are reminded that Christmas is just around the corner and one day very very soon you will have to start your Christmas shopping especially for the folk back home.  But what do you buy your loved ones back in the UK that is easy to send?  Here’s a website that may just be the answer…

The Sendatenner website mission is to revive the best present ever, the brightly coloured envelope with a crisp banknote inside! You remember the thrill of receiving cash for a birthday or at Christmas, don’t you? Well then, just imagine your loved one’s delight as they receive your gift on their special day.

In just four easy steps you can now send small cash gifts to anyone living in either the UAE or the UK. There is no doubting that it is far better to contribute to your loved one’s piggy banks as opposed to taking a gamble and getting them gift they don’t really like, one that they will probably just sell on Dubizzle – probably for less than you paid for it to begin with.

It’s quick, easy and straightforward
All you need do is visit and then;
Select a card from the available range
2. Choose an amount you’d like to include in your card
3. Enter a delivery address to anywhere in the UK and the UAE
4. Purchase your gift through Paypal for a 100% safe transaction

And the best part is Sendatenner gives you the option to register or log in and you can save all your important birthdays to your calendar. They’ll then remind you when you have a special occasion coming up and you can buy a gift, so you’ll never forget someone again!

Using Sendatenner means that you can shop from the comfort of home – you don’t have to brave the high street or the mall. Finally they manage the postage on your behalf so you can save significant time there too. The 4 step process takes an average of 5 minutes to complete and Sendatenner aim to deliver within 3 working days of the date that a gift is due to be sent.

Keep in mind the working week differs in the two territories in which Sendatenner deliver. The UK working week runs Mon–Fri but the UAE working week runs Sun–Thu.

Contact Sendatenner
+971 50 551 4240 (Chris)
The FAQ section ought to answer most queries

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