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Move One Paints Dubai Red

Early this year, Move One‘s Dubai Headquarters launched an outdoor advertising campaign to boost awareness of its online resources for expatriates living in Dubai. With consumers all over the world increasingly savvy and aware of regular advertising approaches, our billboards on Sheikh Zayed Road have been exciting interest through volume and eye-catching design, advertised in both Arabic and English. The third wave of our campaign switched the previous blue billboards to Move One red.

The ads are strategically placed on lamp posts and 10 x 5 meter billboards throughout the city. The messages “moving your house”, “moving your pet”, “moving your art”, “call 800 Move One”, both in English and Arabic, stand boldly on both sides of Sheikh Zayed Road, leading to the iconic 7-star-hotel Burj Al Arab.

Besides the new red billboards in Dubai, signs have also been posted on the airport road in Abu Dhabi, so that everyone arriving and leaving the city can see them.

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