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Move One Swims Around the Burj Al Arab

As the main sponsor, Move One were proud to enter three teams in to the 2010 swim around the iconic seven star hotel the Burj Al Arab. It is impossible to envisage the distance and it is only as you arrive at the start line under the hotel, that the reality hits home that yes, you have to get to the other side. This is an annual charity event to raise money and awareness for Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF).

MSF was formed in 1971 by a group of doctors and journalists. Today, it is one of the worlds leading organization for medical aid. There are approximately 27,000 field staff supporting projects. Adults and children from around the world have their lives threatened daily by violence, neglect and/or catastrophe. Regardless of their race, religion or political affirmation MSF provide medical assistance to all.

Every year this event gets bigger and better, for the first time this year Champion Chips organized the timing of the races. The start was in the water and as the competitors finished they had to run over the finish mat… The competition was tough, with over 500 individual swimmers, the fastest male swimmer achieved a time of 7.25mins and the fastest female a time of 8.42mins. The group’s category raced separately. There were 23 teams in total. Move One entered three teams, men’s, women’s and mixed. As the starting horn sounded swimmers splashed around trying to find their space and get deep enough into the water to start swimming. The route was lined with life guards both in the water and on the perimeter of the Burj Al Arab. As the swimmers swam towards the finish line the only vision was of the sea of supporters who lined the beach. Curt Clements was the fourth person to finish within the groups category. He was followed by his teammates Bojan Simunovic and Tibor Barczai, achieving an overall position of 5th with a time of 15:50mins. The mixed team came in 9th place with a time of 17.48mins and the women’s team 11th place with a time of 19.34mins.

Move One provided all participants with an ‘I swam around the Burj Al Arab’ t-shirt and sports towel. On the beach there was a Move One sand tent which was used for children entertainment, the famous Move One bouncy truck and other smaller tents which were used to provide shade for the participants. Wild Wadi was the overall organizer of the event with Volunteer in Dubai providing the support staff. Over 100 volunteers stepped in to make this event a success.

Move One would like to congratulate all the participants and ask them to spread the word as we hope to see many more swimmers at the 2011 event. The next planned charity event for MSF will be the Vertical Marathon. This will be held in May at the Emirates Tower hotel. For more information please visit

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