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A Cultural Minute with Nasif Kayed – Modesty in Muslim Society

The traditional black and white colour that the UAE Nationals wear is not a look of religion, but is about modesty and cultural influences. When an Emirati woman leaves her home, she covers herself with a long black cloak called an “abaya” which is paired with a headscarf called a “sheyla.” A woman should only be seen uncovered by men ineligible  to marry her, and therefore does not need to cover in front of her father, father in law, grandfather, brothers, nephews, sons, grandsons and uncles.

The following video led by Nasif Kayed at The Sheikh Mohammed Cultural Center for Understanding provides an overview of the concept of modesty in the Muslim society to expat children who are currently living in Dubai.

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  1. Mateen says:

    Learning a ton from these neat articles.

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