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A Cultural Minute with Nasif Kayed – The Cultural Dress

The Arab national dress worn in Dubai is well adapted to the high temperatures of the region. The white ankle-length, loose-fitting garment worn by men is known as the Kandoura or Dishdasha, while the women’s black long-sleeved full-length robe is called an abayah. Headcoverings, are used by both sexes for protection from sand and the midday sun. Like women everywhere, the women of Dubai too have a fondness for jewelry and have customarily adorned themselves with gold and silver necklaces, forehead decorations, earrings, bracelets, anklets and rings for fingers, noses and even toes.

The following video led by Nasif Kayed at The Sheikh Mohammed Cultural Center for Understanding provides an overview of cultural dress to expat children who are currently living in Dubai.

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