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Begging in Dubai is illegal

Begging Ramadan 2015If you’re new to Dubai, do you know that begging in the UAE is illegal? 

Ramadan is a time of giving for most but for some it is a time for ‘taking’. Don’t be taken in by these women’s and men’s stories, learn what to look out for to make sure you are not being conned.

It appears Dh20,000 is short change for beggars duping residents across the UAE, with several arrests in the recent weeks unearthing hordes of stashed cash and a high-flying lifestyle of five-star hotel stays and easy living. As local authorities cracks down on gangs of beggars weaving their way through the bleeding hearts and benevolent souls across the country, the holy month of Ramadan sheds light once again on the growing menace of easy money avenues, where once person’s charity becomes another’s opportunity.

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Residents are urged to report beggars on 800 243.



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