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Carpooling and using Public Transport

carpooling 2015With the recent hike in petrol prices commuters are likely to turn to carpool schemes and use more public transport following the decision to hike petrol prices, however you need to register with the RTA to carpool. The online marketplace, which publishes studies on driver behaviour and the cost of transport, said sharing cars and using low-cost public transport such as Dubai Metro are likely to become more popular.


A spokeswoman  for Carmundi said: “We estimate that consumers currently spend around Dhs400-600 per month on fuel, and with the 24 per cent increase they can find that going up to Dhs500-750 depending on the type of car they own and how much they use it.

“While this increase is not as high as was earlier expected, drivers who regularly commute long distance and across emirates will feel the pinch for at least the first month or so”.

She added: “We can definitely expect to see a rise in carpooling and public transport, which will in turn help reduce road congestion and carbon emissions.

A car’s fuel economy will also be a more valuable aspect for buyers, and a shift to greener cars can also be expected”.

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