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Driving Tests in Dubai

traffic-signs-dubai-150x150People taking driving tests in Dubai now have to spot potential dangers in five short videos. Five more questions have been added to the theoretical exam for a driving license in Dubai, testing the trainees’ ability to assess risks on the road and respond to these risks.
Five videos lasting 25 seconds each depict specific environmental conditions and a set of unique associated road risks, posing the question how the driver-to-be would cope with them, explained Ahmed Bahrozyan, CEO of Dubai RTA’s Licensing Agency.
“Examples of these include conditions related to driving in rainy weather, highways, school zones, desert areas, densely populated or market areas with high pedestrian traffic, residential areas and night driving.”
The questions are already doing rounds, as they were added on July 1 this year.

“The training on the risks recognition is one of the key tests that contribute to enhancing the traffic awareness of driving trainees on how to cope with different road conditions, and empowering them to better assess all risks in order to encounter them after obtaining their driving licenses.
“The prime objective is to graduate drivers with high sense of safety, traffic awareness and skills in order to reduce traffic accidents in Dubai roads,” Bahrozyan pointed out.
With the addition of five questions, the theoretical exam of the driving license now poses 40 questions to the future road user.
Bahrozyan explained earlier that the question bank has been updated twice since it was developed in 2010, each time increasing the volume by about 30 per cent.
“Some questions are removed, such as those that prove to be tricky or difficult, or have spelling mistakes,” he noted.
Annually, 200,000 tests are conducted. Students score best in the light motor theory test, where seven out of 10 pass on average.

The new test is currently conducted in three basic languages, i.e. Arabic, English and Urdu. Next September the Automated Theoretical test can also be run in Chinese, Persian, Indian, Malayalam, Bengali, Russian and Tamil languages, including the Risks Recognition Test.

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