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Ask Louise

I am moving to Dubai from the US and bringing my jeep vehicle with me. Are there any restrictions with the transfer of license available to me because I am not buying/leasing a car from Dubai? Will my US car need special emissions checks or inspections upon arrival?

For this question I contacted the experts at Move One Relocations.

Obtaining your license will not be affected by you bringing you car into the UAE.
Vehicles with US spec have acceptable emission standard to GCC vehciles. No modifications will need be made after import.
You will need to get these documents
Commercial invoice / original purchase invoice.
Ocean Bill of Lading.
Insurance policy.
Proof of ownership.

After the vehicle is Customs cleared in the UAE, the Customs Authorities will issue a vehicle clearance certificate (VCC) which should be submitted to the Local Traffic Authority to register the car in the name of the Owner/Consignee only.

Vehicles new or used are subject to 5% duties on cost insurance & freight/freight on board Discretion at Govt Authorities.

OBL(ocean bill of landing) should specify engine no, chassis no, make, model and colour etc
For any more help with this contact Move One Relocations

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