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Ask Louise | BBQ Gas | Expat Echo Dubai

ask-louise QuestionI have a gas bbq and have run out  of the propane gas (grey bottle) and no idea where to get a replacement bottle. I’m having a bbq this weekend.  HELP!

AnswerUnfortunately you might have to delay your bbq until Sunday! The only solution for this weekend would be to call your usual gas company and have them change the fitting on your gas bbq so that you can use the orange bottles, however, most bottles are too big to fit inside the bbq. If  you can wait, there are two companies in Dubai who refill gas bottles.  Al Nooryani Gas, whom you can call and they will come to your villa to pick up the bottle but it takes 2 full working days to get it back or Lahej & Sultan where you will have to go to Karma to drop off your bottle and can collect it 2 working days later.

Al Nooryani Gas
Mob: +971 50 929 2683

Office location : Next to General Post Office, Karama
Lahej Albasti Building (Ground Floor)
Zabeel Road, Karama (Dubai).
Mob : 050-4743787 / 050-2345405
Tel : 04-3376686 / 3376687
Fax : 04-3369814
E-mail :



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