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Avoid Tailoring Disasters in Dubai

tailoring-in-dubaiDoinDubai’s TOP TIPS to avoid tailoring disasters in Dubai.

Be brave and dip your toes into the world of “Had it Made in Dubai” You live in a place where well established communities (mainly Indian and Pakistani as well as Emiratis) still regularly have clothes stitched and tailored for everyday and occasion wear for themselves and their children. Remember it will cost you a fraction of what you’d pay in any western country and you have access to a range of fabulous fabrics and a plethora of tailors on your doorstep. But do be sensible and Get it Right. Follow DoinDubai’s Top Tips:

  1. Firstly have something that fits you well copied exactly, don’t leave anything to the imagination of the tailor, he (usually) will NOT be able to interpret what you mean, at least not at first, so play safe and have something copied.
  2. Choose a fabric that matches the one your original garment is made from as closely as possible. So if you have a jersey dress, do NOT copy it in a silk fabric, it won’t drape and fit in the same way at all.

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