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How is currency calculated in the UAE?

The Dirham is the UAE’s currency and it is divided into 100 fils. The Dirham (Dhs. Or AED) is held constant against the US dollar at approximately $1 US = 3.67

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Currency exchange houses open until late in the evening. International credit cards are widely accepted. It is important to note some banks charge fees for using your card internationally (up to 3%) so it is worth checking with your bank on using cards in the UAE.

Usually you will be paid in local currency and will need a local bank account. The process is relatively easy to set up, but keep in mind there are rules within the region that will need to be followed. The exchange rates are generally very stable, below is example of exchange rates.

Most banking facilities are offered (debit cards, credit cards, Internet banking, loans and mortgages). It is important to note that “bad debt” is taken very seriously by authorities and can result in criminal proceedings.

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