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DEWA Bill and Housing Fees

For expatriates relocating to Dubai and living in freehold (owned) and non-freehold (rented) housing you will need to set-up an electric and water utility connection with DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority). An important factor to understand in the DEWA billing process is the associated housing fee that is incurred. Housing fees for expat tenants is calculated on 5% of the unit’s annual rent, while expat owners must pay 0.5% of the value of the property as determined by RERA’s (Real Estate Regulatory Agency) rental index. These amounts are divided by 12 months and each month invoiced in instalments.

DEWA is requiring expats both living in freehold and non-freehold properties to register their accommodation details on the municipality’s portal in order to assist them to calculate the associated housing fee and to enable the invoicing of DEWA’s monthly utility bills.

It is important for expats to clearly understand this process as you could risk paying a higher housing fee according to the RERA index, which may not be equal to the actual rent being paid. In addition, if you have negotiated a lower annual rental amount on a lease renewal it would be beneficial to take your documentation including most recent DEWA bill, copy of tenant’s passport and the new tenancy contract to the DEWA office to negotiate housing fee adjustments.

A listing of DEWA locations, phone numbers and office hours can be found on the DEWA website.

Check the Housing Fee on your DEWA bill today to check that this is the equivalent of 5% of your current rent.
Eg. an annual rent of AED55,000 should incur a monthly Housing Fee of AED230

One Response to “DEWA Bill and Housing Fees”

  1. Alexis says:

    Here is an important distinction to take note of – Housing Fees are calculated differently depending on whether you are a tenant or the owner of the residence. Here is the difference;
    For tenants – 5% of the annual rent amount is divided by 12 months and each month invoiced in installments.
    For owners – In own property Housing Fee is calculated as 10% of the property value and then 5% of the 10% value is invoiced in 12 monthly installments.

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