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Do you have Expatriate Syndrome?

Global Nomadism

It seems fairly commonplace that when expats first move to Dubai they intend to stay for only one or two years but rarely do they plan to stay indefinitely and yet almost all expats eventually end up living in Dubai far longer than they had originally anticipated. A recent special report by Gulf News tries to unearth an explanation for this phenomenon. Could it be that we all have Expatriate Syndrome?
To read the Gulf News Special Report click here.

7,313,702 expats live in the UAE,
of which 5,682,711 are male and
1,633,362 are female.

This is according to the figures collated in mid 2010 and recently released by the National Bureau of Statistics. These figures make up 88.5% of total residence in the UAE, the other 11.5% is made up of UAE nationals.

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