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A Family’s Journey Relocating to Dubai – Part 3

It’s been quite the week my friends. Let’s see we’ve had ‘passportgate’.  We found that my youngest daughter’s passport wouldn’t have enough time on it to travel! So it was a search to find a Justice of the Peace and to the Post Office with very complicated forms and a silent prayer. Will it be here in time to fly?  The worst case scenario is a four week’s fast track and we fly in four weeks! Oh dear, never easy to do these things thirteen thousand miles from home.

Then there was ‘sonleavinghomegate’ not quite a scandal but still happy and sad all at the same time. We give them wings to fly.  The computer decided to pick its moment to die (RIP).  It lasted longer than it should have, the great big dinosaur. We’ve also had the doubters and the scare mongers.  Family always tend to have a lot to say about our expat life. All I have to say is it will be fine with a tense smile!

My youngest daughter suddenly seems as if she may finally have a cute little group of friends. It’s taken fourteen months so we are very well aware of what is ahead. It’s never easy starting again but we go with a hopeful heart and in good spirits that’s all you can do. I think when we left the UK she and I mourned the loss of our social groups. Its hard at any age. We are now busy getting the dogs sorted for travel. No mean feat but a tad less complicated than bringing them here to Australia from the UK but sadly no less expensive. The removals and cleaners are booked. We have to somehow sell cars and motorbikes at the last minute and the stress is beginning to tell. I had my own little stress knickers day. I’m still not sure I’m over it and today I decided I would detox and diet! Yes I believe I really like to pile it on, more stress please!

My husband is very relaxed and has probably stopped reading my daily email updates and to do lists! The lists are definitely getting longer. This week we have to slot in getting uniform for the eldest daughter. I’ve order hundreds of labels for uniform and clothing. I can’t believe I’m doing this again!

It’s spring break on Friday and she has exams and wants to be with her friends until the very end. This does not quite fit in with what needs to be done but hey ho!  I had some light relief in watching X-Factor. When we first got here last year I thought it was incredibly odd but a year on, it all seems very normal. The weather here is perfectly pleasant and definitely hotting up. So out come the flies and mosquitoes! Pesky things. I will very much miss the gardens though. So much green and lovely blossom everywhere. I will not miss the hay fever that comes with being surrounded by so much flora and fauna! Ying and Yang. Got a quote this week to air freight my son’s new Apple computer to him at Uni. The quote was more than the computers worth so back to the drawing board…air fright more like!

Anyway have a good week my friends.I will be in touch with more ‘moving to Dubai’ drama soon.

Donna Holland is from Lincolnshire, England. She is a home maker and mother of three children Ash 21, Beth 18 and Helaina 9. Donna is an ex British Army wife and is a very well traveled expat. She has been married for 22 years to her husband Phil who is a professional engineer. The family is currently based in Sydney, Australia and have lived there for just one year. The family has previously lived in Germany, France and Bahrain. Donna’s family is currently on the move to Dubai and she will be blogging about her family’s experience.

Stay tuned for the next installment of Donna and her family’s journey to Dubai!
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