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Don’t Drink Drive in Dubai

The weekend is just about upon us and many of you will be busy organising nights out or maybe even the infamous Dubai Brunch but REMEMBER UAE law clearly states that there is zero tolerance when it comes to drink driving. Anyone caught under the influence could end up spending time in jail followed by deportation – so when you go out and are intending to drink, take a taxi to and from your destination.

Alternatively, you can drive your own car to the venue and at the end of the evening have a driver to drive you and your car safely home.  Many of us are not lucky enough to have a driver to hand, however there are a couple of companies namely Safer Driver, Buddys Designated Drivers, and Care Drive who offer the service of a driver to drive you and your car home at a very reasonable cost.

Just make a quick call before you go out for the night and advise the company where and what time you want to be picked up.  About ten minutes before they are due to meet you the driver will call to say he is there or on his way.

Wake up in the morning in your comfy bed rather than a cell!

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