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Driving in Dubai

Often, international assignees’ big concern when moving to a new, foreign country is will I be able to drive (and be insured) and how will I navigate around my new city. In Dubai, these are both concerns but it’s multiplied by the style of driving here as well as the lack of GPS support. 

Try your GPS, it may appear to work but more than likely it may have you u-turn into oncoming traffic like ours did our first week here. Or, it will take you somewhere else other than the point of interest that you have selected. You have to allow time before you figure out the roads in Dubai. But, don’t relax at that point either as roads seem to be constantly changing and / or under construction here.

As for the style of driving here, it is FAST! Drivers often do not indicate when changing lanes, they signal with short beeps, and they drive very close together. Also, the left lane is not used for taking over slower cars. Drivers here, in general, over take on both sides.

I took a few photos yesterday while driving on Sheikh Zayed Road with my husband. Don’t worry, I was in the passenger seat. It just amazes me at how closely they tail each other. These cars must have been going about 120 kmh and there is less than a 1/2 car space between the two of them.

As many people know, this city is modern in so many ways. You will find that all of their tunnels are kept clean, nicely tiled and decorated with images.  The highways are large, some having 6 lanes!

For more tips on driving in Dubai, check out Move One’s Driving Tips Video.

Living in Dubai: Expat View on Driving from MoveOneRelo on Vimeo.

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