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Dubai Books

Have you just moved or are thinking of moving to Dubai and want to learn more about this exciting city and region of the world, apart from what you watch on Sky News and CNN?

Expat Echo Dubai asked their readers for books they would recommend to a newcomer  to help them understand about Dubai and the surrounding countries and this is what we came up with.


City of Gold: Dubai and the Dream of Capitalism
Author: Jim Krane

Jim Krane, who reported for the AP from Dubai, brings us a boots-on-the-ground look at this fascinating place by walking its streets, talking to its business titans, its prostitutes, and the hard-bitten men who built its fanciful skyline. He delves into the city’s history, paints an intimate portrait of the ruling Maktoum family, and ponders where the city is headed.


Mornings in Jenin
Author: Susan Abulhawa

One of the first English language novels to express fully the human dimension of the Palestinian tragedy.


Hello Dubai
Author: Joe Bennett

Joe Bennett sets out to discover the Dubai that is a boom town, modern marvel, commercial hub, where middle-east meets wealthy west, playground for tourists, crawling with ex-pats, built by Indians, owned by Arabs, a city that has risen from next to nothing to an awful lot in little more than thirty years. How? And can it go on? Has it sold itself to the corporate dollar?


Jumeira Jane and other Dubai Friends
Author: Paddy Briggs
A book of light-verse about Jumeira Jane and her expat friends in Dubai.


All the Shah’s Men
Author: Stephen Kinzer

This book was a bestseller chosen as one of the best books of the year by the Washington Post and the Economist.  Stephen Kinzer (Chicago, IL) is an award-winning foreign correspondent and this book will be of interest to anyone who wants to learn a bit more about Iran and the US.


Dubai (Lonely Planet City Guide)
Author: Andrea Schulte-Peevers

Travel guide to Dubai.


Dubai Deluxe Starter Pack
Explorer Publishing

Dubai Deluxe Starter Pack is the ultimate lifestyle tool for anyone living in Dubai. For both new residents and seasoned expats. The Deluxe Starter Pack includes Dubai Explorer, Dubai Street Atlas (Jumbo), Dubai Map and UAE Road Map. You will also receive a copy of Weekend Breaks in Oman & the UAE, UAE Off-Road and Images Of Dubai & the UAE.


Brownbook Magazine – An Urban Guide to the Middle East

Living in a region steeped in well-worn cliches, Brownbook takes on the task of reintroducing the Middle East to itself. Seeking out people, places and narratives from Tehran to Casablanca we look at the real style of life and tell stories that would otherwise remain unheard.

Launched in 2007 in Dubai, Brownbook has successfully remained independent and is today one of the most widely read magazines in the Middle East and North Africa. It is published six times a year. With extensive coverage of lifestyle, design, architecture and travel we are an essential guide to the region.


Dubai – The Story of the Worlds Fastest City
Author: Jim Krane

This book tells you about the modern Dubai, packed with fascinating insights and offering a sympathetic but balanced account of the city’s huge successes


Jack Patel’s Dubai Dreams
Author: PG Bhashkar

Gujarati Jaikishan Patal follows his dreams and goes to Dubai to take up a job in the jet-setting world of investment and private banking.  He is soon transformed into Jack Patel and becomes a hugely successful financial advisor in an American brokerage house.  Life is good until recession hits the world economy and his world falls apart.

Do you have a book to recommend to relocating expats?

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  1. Shahul says:

    ” From Rags To Riches ” – A Story of Abu Dhabi
    by Mohammed A J Al Fahim

    This fast selling book is a controversial account of the struggles that accompanied Abu Dhabi’s Development into modern nationhood. History is unfolded to reveal the political intrigues, manipulation, exploitation deception and infighting that preceded today’s federation. Frankly narrated Mohammed Al Fahim’s Story is also a vivid eye witness account of hunger, hardship and misery of life that prevailed in the emirates a generation ago
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