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Dubai Lingo

Have you noticed that everyone seems to speak with acronyms in Dubai?  Ask someone for directions and you might find yourself seriously confused. Or talk about what facilities a house has and everyone talks about the ‘AC’ and as for schools….

We’ve compiled a list of the most used acronyms in Dubai and have created a map to pinpoint some locations for you.

Dubai Acrocyms

View Dubai Acronyms in a larger map

(* located on map)
ABIG = Australian Business Group
A/C = Air Conditioning
AUD = American University Dubai
D.A.A = Dubai American Academy
D.B.S. = Dubai British School
D.C. = Dubai College
D.C.C = Deira City Center *
DCCI =Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry
D.E.S.S. = Dubai English Speaking School
D.E.S.C. = Dubai English Speaking College
D.H.C.C = Dubai Healthcare City *
D.I.A.C.C = Dubai International Arts Center *
D.I.C = Dubai Internet City *
D.I.F.C = Dubai International Financial Center *
DIFF = Dubai International Film Festival
D.I.M.C = Dubai International Marine Club *
DHA =Dubai Health Authority
D.O.S.C = Dubai Offshore Sailing Club *
DNRD =Dubai Naturalization & Residency Department
DSO =Dubai Silicon Oasis
DTCM =Dept of Tourism & Commerce Marketing
DUBAL =Dubai Aluminium
DUCTAC = Dubai Community Theater and Arts Center *
D.W.C = Al Maktoum International Airport *
E.C. = English College
G.M.C = General Medical Center *
G.W.A. = Gems World Academy
J.A.P.S. = Jebel Ali Primary School
JASC (this does not really exist anymore but people still refer to it under this name) =Jebel Ali Sailing Club
J.B.R = Jumeirah Beach Residence *
J.C. = Jumeirah College
J.E.S.S. = Jumeirah English Speaking School
J.L.T = Jumeirah Lake Towers *
J.P.S. = Jumeirah Primary School
J.V.C. = Jumeirah Village Circle
J.V.T. = Jumeirah Village Triangle
K.H.D.A = Knowledge and Human Development Authority *
M.C.C = Mirdiff City Center *
MoE = Mall of the Emirates *
PRO = Public Relations Officer
S.M.C.C.U = Sheikh Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding *
SZR = Sheikh Zayed Road
UOWD = University of Wollogong Dubai
W.S.O. = Wellington Silicon Oasis

Have you heard any acronyms that you couldn’t make out? Let us know in the comments below!

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