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Dubai Mums

As an expat woman, raising her four-year old daughter here in the UAE, whilst holding down a full time job or for her friend Helen, who has been busy establishing a successful business of her own here in Dubai, both Jenny Ashton and Helen Shippey fully understand the value of sharing information and offering support to fellow mums and women. The rules and regulations for expats here can be quite daunting and without the right information and support can leave you extremely exposed to things you wouldn’t necessarily realize would apply to you. These ladies also understand that finding time for ourselves or knowing what is going on in our community is not easy too, with all the school runs, play dates and everyday running around that we find ourselves doing.

With so many women returning to work or starting up in business, it is not always so easy for these new businesses to promote themselves to the community either.

Dubai Mums is a friendly coffee morning community for women based in Dubai, looking to share valuable information and support. You will have a chance to make new friends and gain valuable information.

A local company is invited to present themselves at each event to share information and advice on the services and products they provide which may be of benefit to us and our families. A ‘Hot Topic’ is also presented at each event focusing on relevant financial matters.

A chance to benefit from FREE gifts, discounted products and entering prize draws will add to the FUN of coming along.

If you need to bring your little tots they will be welcome as they have a helper on hand to help keep them amused while you can sit back and listen to the presentation. Likewise mums with bigger tots who have flown the nest or women with no tots at all are welcome as this is a community that welcomes everyone!

Check out when the next meeting is taking place and email to reserve your place NOW!

Written by Founders
Jenny Ashton  & Helen Shippey

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