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Dubai Residents get Makani number: Here’s how to use it

markani-articleOver the last couple of weeks, residents in Dubai have been handed out their Makani number.

If you are living in a standalone structure, you were most likely given your own Makani number. Residents of multi-storey buildings can probably find the unique code of their building in the lobby.

What is this number, and how can it be used?

The Makani number is a unique 10 digit code locating a building. Be it a villa, high-rise, hospital, tower or office, every structure in Dubai has been numbered, and every number is unique.

With this number, a person can locate himself or others within a squared-meter precision.

Makani is an application developed by the Dubai Municipality, aimed at improving location finding in the emirate. Emergency vehicles, delivery people, or individuals should never get lost in their attempt to finding a certain address.

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