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Easter for Expats

easter eggDo you ever feel like you’re living on a roller coaster? When I was an expat I careered from exhilarating highs to disheartening lows — sometimes in the same day. And especially around the holidays, when heightened expectations and the ache of missing family and friends made for some stressful moments.

I’ve written before about the ingenuity required to recreate family traditions during St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and Christmas. Of course it’s comforting to observe the familiar rituals you remember from back home, but that’s not always possible. It’s funny, though — it’s often what you do to fill in the gaps that make these times so special, not what you’ve been forced to leave out.

Doing Easter the fusion way
Although it might seem that time-honoured traditions are carved in stone, they actually evolve and adapt to new circumstances, much like successful expats do. Easter is a case in point. It’s observed in much of the the world, but probably not exactly the way you’re used to. Even minor differences can come as a shock if you’re not prepared for them.

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