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Frying Pan Adventures Food Tours of Old Dubai

frying-pan-food-adventures-in-dubaiThe most sensory way of experiencing a different culture is through Food.’

At Frying Pan Adventures, they seek to uncover and share the rich and authentic fabric of culinary experiences that Dubai has to offer. Often, many of the most authentic food experiences are tucked away in a backstreet of Old Dubai; an alley that only ‘old timers’ would know of; a corner which has been long forgotten in favour of newer, shinier parts of town. They are passionate about those ‘hidden gems’ that communicate and preserve the culinary culture that gave birth to them. They obsessively scour out the small unassuming restaurants, local markets and all manner of authentic food establishments in Dubai, especially ones that serve up a simple but evocative meal. Whether it be a sensuous Moroccan tagine, agiant Iraqi fire-grilled carp, or a plate of Nepalese dumplings, each of them is a culinary treasure that conveys culture, history, language, tradition, and sometimes even war and politics. It is this eclectic ‘mezze’ of dining experiences is what we aspire to serve to you. If your taste buds are quivering toexplore foods that are off-the-beaten path and sizzling with the excitement of cultural discovery, then join Frying Pan Adventures on any one of their themed and thoughtfully curated gastronomic tours of Old Dubai.

Their food tours currently revolve around Little India, Arabia and North Africa. During a 3 to 4 hour food-tasting journey, you can expect to stroll through forgotten streets and discover unexpectedly delicious ethnic eats. Your palate will be entrusted to their local food guide who will steer you through a gastronomic experience that is liberally spiced up with interesting culinary, cultural and historical facts. If it involves good food, tossed with a strong learning experience, a heaped spoonful of authenticity, a pinch of quirkiness, a generous measure of wild abandon and is flambéed with fun – you can be sure they will find a way to serve it to your table.

About Our Founder and Food Tour Designer

A Deira denizen since 1989, Arva’s upbringing in Dubai has been punctuated by an appreciation for the diversity that makes the city the kaleidoscope of cultures that it is. Her love for good food has seen here eating her way through New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Delhi and numerous other cities. An international correspondent for NY-based Serious Eats, a columnist for Foodie Obssession in The National and an amateur food photographer, Arva also co-founded Fooderati Arabia – UAE’s only community of over 130 food bloggers. Her blog ‘I Live in a Frying Pan’ is widely read and she has spent the past 2 years scouring the streets of Dubai for hidden food treasures that have somehow been obscured by the glamour of the city’s new direction. Her quest led her to embark on Frying Pan Adventures – Dubai’s first ever food tours. Her dream is to revive the city’s old charm by rediscovering and sharing forgotten dives and eats. She personally researches every restaurant, orchestrates the tours and serves as the ‘Lead Taster’ to tourists and residents alike allowing them to commune with Dubai’s soul through its rich food culture.

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