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Gradberry is the Middle East’s online careers portal connecting students, graduates and employers. Launched in November 2011 by recent graduates Iba Masood and Syed Ahmed, with only $200, now has a presence in 550 Universities globally, and posts jobs from the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Ireland and the UK. Our clients include Google, IBM,Philips and over 300 SMEs. The Fruit Bowl, Gradberry’s career blog, provides career resources to support and facilitate the job search experience for students and fresh graduates.

One year after launch, was a winner at the United Nations ITU Young Innovator’s Competition and winner of the Cartier Laureate for the MENA Region. primarily caters to internship vacancies for students and entry-level positions for university graduates with 0 to 2 years of full time work experience. Our philosophy is to “plant fruitful careers” for students and graduates and by connecting employers, universities and graduates, we aim to mitigate youth unemployment in the region.

With a presence on digital media channels, and our knowledge of social hiring, every job posting is sent out to our social networks consistently, as well as to leading job sites. Through this manner, we are able to reach a network of prospective applicants, who are constantly engaging with the website and showcasing their talents through Facebook or Twitter. We receive an average of a 100,000 visitors daily on the main website, and have over 10,000 students and graduates registered on the database.

We aim to go further, with a series of workshops launching next year on January 1st 2013. Through these workshops we aim to teach skills demanded by employers, as well as skills required for new and emerging industries. More information of how we’re passing on the knowledge for 2013 here.

Universities are not keeping up with what employers are looking for in new graduates, and we hope in the next 5 years to become the leading social network platform focussed on education for students and graduates.

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  1. namra says:

    hey my name is namra. i am 5th year student of M.B.B.S in pakistan. m gettingmarried next year and will be settling in u.a.e. i want to do my internshi and residency in dubai for that matter. can you plz guide me?

  2. nita dembra says:

    i am final year student .. i want to do internshp in uae.. can u guide me

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