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Hidden Costs of Moving to Dubai

hidden-costsWhen moving to Dubai it is advisable to negotiate your relocation package carefully and really investigate all the hidden costs of setting up home in Dubai before signing on the dotted line.

The thought of constant sunshine and a tax-free salary maybe very attractive to people looking at jobs in Dubai however the salary will soon disappear if you don’t take into account  all costs not just rent and a flashy new car.

Here are some of the cost to help you negotiate the perfect package.



Agency Fee

Real Estate Agent Fee 5% of rental value of property

Deposit on property

5% of the rent value for one year for unfurnished
10%  furnished.

Municipality Tax/Houseing Fee
5% tax on rent included in 12 equal parts in your monthly DEWA bill.
Click here to read more about this fee.

EJARI Registration

AED 195

DEWA (electricity & water) Deposit

AED 2000 (deposit – refund on leaving)
AED 110 (connection, non refundable)

AED 4000 (deposit – refund on leaving)
AED 110 (connection, non refundable)

5 Bedroom Villa
AED 4000 (deposit – refund on leaving)
AED 210 (connection, non refundable)

Telephone, Internet, TV

Installation payment AED 180, + monthly package fee AED 259-539

AED 200 initial payment, AED 200 advance payment if paying by cash, AED 150 deposit per decoder, + monthly package fee AED 199-509

(Dubai residents to, when applying for Du services you now need the Ejari certification of your RERA tenancy contract.  This requirement came into effect (or is being enforced) since June 2013)

ID Card

AED 170 (obtaining ID is a part of residence permit – it is done at the same time with medical test)

Sponsor of Housemaid

Entry Permit Application (inside country) – AED 790
Change of Visa Status (Local Amendment) – AED 610
Residency Permit Application – AED 5130 (Normal Processing) OR 5230 (urgent processing)‎
Medical Check: Normal (3-5 days): 310 AED plus 50 AED vaccination fee
Urgent (48 hours): 420 AED plus 50 AED vaccination fee
Urgent: (24 hours): 520 AED plus 50 AED vaccination fee
VIP (4 hours): 740 AED plus 50 AED vaccination fee
Emirates ID: AED 170 ( for 1yr) 370 for 3yrs

Driving License

Eye Test AED110
Transfer AED 400

Salik Tag (tag to be placed on car to pay for the toll system on Dubai roads)

The cost of SALIK subscription is AED 100, including AED 50 for cost of tag and 50 for the prepaid toll balance will be added into Salik account.


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  1. David White says:

    I’ve just stumbled upon your blog and found the articles very interesting, especially this one.
    Will definitely share it with my friends who’s been really interested in coming to work in Dubai.
    Thanks so much for the great info.

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