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Housing Fee in Dubai

DEWA-Housing-FeesWhen moving to Dubai and looking for property it is important to budget for the ‘Housing Fee‘ which needs to be paid for on top of your rent.

This fee  is imposed by the Dubai Municipality.

Dubai Municipality is one of the largest governmental institutions  in charge of cultural and heritage development, apartments and buildings regulation, food control, drainage network, sewage treatment, public parks, public health and safety, and various other municipal affairs and services.

The Housing Fee is calculated as 5% of the yearly rental charges which is then divided into 12 equal installments and added each month to your DEWA (water and electricity bill).  Dubai Municipality base your annual rent on the Dubai Rent Index so if this is too high you must contact the municipality and advise them of your rent.

It is worth noting that if you live in areas such as Arabian Ranches, The Palm, Meadows etc homes in these areas are also subject to Community Service Charges.  These charges are for the general maintenance of common areas, swimming pools, lifts, landscaping, security, cleaning and so on and are usually paid by your landlord so before renting check if your villa or apartment is subject to community service charges and that the landlord is paying these.

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  1. enrico says:

    How is the housing fee calculated for homeowners who occupy their own property?


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