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How Do I Meet People in Dubai?

For many new residents it maybe a couple of months since you moved to Dubai.  The home has finally been found, furniture has arrived and curtains hung.  The children seem settled and are busy with their new friends and your husband is busy getting to grips with his new job and probably a lot of travel.  However, at this moment in time it maybe you the trailing spouse who is suddenly left feeling a bit lonely and unsure of how to meet new friends.

My biggest bit of advice is get out there. There are loads of other ladies like you in the same situation. Take this opportunity to embark on a new sport, hobby or venture that you may have never had the opportunity to do back home. Expat Echo Dubai has put together a list of some activities you can do as part of a group – a sure way of making some new and life long friends.


This doesn’t mean shelling out loads of Dirhams to join a swanky golf club as most of the clubs in Dubai offer ladies coaching programs to non-members.  These programs are usually offered in blocks of 6 or 8 weeks and are in groups.  This is a great way to learn the game and make some good friends (having a laugh as you all struggle together).  As you progress in the game there are great mornings with groups such as Women’s Golf in the Middle East where you have the opportunity to play the beautiful golf courses around the Emirates at a fraction of the cost one would normally pay.

Learn to Sail
Take advantage of the months of fabulous weather and the sea just down the road. Sailing is a lovely way to spend the morning – out at sea looking back to Dubai with a group of friends.  Why not join a group and complete your Royal Yachting Association certificates.

Run a marathon
Ok, well not quite a marathon but you won’t need to live here long to see that Dubai has lots of running events such as 3k, 5k, 10k and actual marathons.  It doesn’t have to be a sport you do by yourself why not join a running group.


Expat Echo Dubai has a directory of charities and any one of these charities is always looking for volunteers whether it be manning the phones at K9 Friends, organising a book sale for Feline Friends, helping with an art project at Start  or helping with Riding for the Disabled.


Use this free time to take up a new hobby.  Dig out that digital camera you reveived last Christmas and really learn how to use it to its full potential with courses at places such as Gulf Photo Plus.  Join the hundreds of Expats enjoying cooking for pleasure or learning that they really have a lot to offer to the Art scene in Dubai. The list is endless.

Social Groups

You may have arrived in Dubai swearing that you were never going to be that woman attending endless coffee mornings! However, it really is worth taking the time to attend some of these.  You will be pleasantly surprised to learn it’s not all about coffee but many of the groups such as Ranches Ladies go on great trips around Dubai or invite very interesting guest speakers to give talks.

Learn a new language

Learning a new language takes time and dedication and this is what you have at the moment so why not use this time to learn that language you always wanted to, or didn’t quite perfect at school or maybe the language of the next country you hope to visit.

If you have any questions about life in Dubai just Ask Louise

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