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How to Avoid Being a Victim of Expat Limbo Land

panic_button_expat_partnerThis time of year school kids can be heard talking about who’s staying and who’s going, the annual summer turnover of international kids. These are the lucky ones, the ones whose parents organisations have relatively efficient succession planning.

Then there are the other expat partners, you can spot them easily, the ones with the worried pinched faces, the ones who dread the question; “and so have you heard yet?” Why? Because the million dollar question is still unanswered, “where in the world will it be?

These are the unfortunates of expat land, the ones who find themselves now residing in “limbo land”.

And believe me this is not where you want to be.

These are the people whose organisations are still searching, hunting for the “right” vacancy, or worse still evading and avoiding all together. There is an upside, well kind off, at least the dreaded “R” word has not yet been mentioned; redundancy or repatriation, there is perhaps still hope.

The bad news is, no one is giving them a clue as to where they are going next. Of course their hopes have been raised several times during the year, interesting hushed telephone conversations, cryptic emails, promising starts followed by the cold echo of silence.

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