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InterNations: Where Dubai’s Expats Meet and Mingle

Whenever expats move to a foreign country for yet another expat assignment, they deal with the same problem, finding themselves wondering how to meet new people, make friends and get in touch with the international community. In some cities it may not be that easy to meet people from abroad.

As one of the leading expat communities worldwide, InterNations has created an international network for people who live and work far away from home. In recent, years InterNations has gained over 400,000 members all over the world, offering more than 295 local communities worldwide. These local communities are constantly growing. In Dubai alone, InterNations counts more than 4500 members from 120 different countries.

At the same time, the community is based on an element of trust which allows members to exchange information in a safe environment. Everybody who wants to join InterNations’ Dubai community has to request a personal invitation or needs another InterNations member to invite them. That way, you can be sure that fellow community members are as serious about expanding their network of friends as you are.

Aside from the typical features of an online community, InterNations offers an offline, real-life network to expats in Dubai and in other cities all over the world. At monthly events Dubai’s expats get together to have a few drinks, to chat or dance the night away. Some events are rather relaxed others have a strong party-feeling to them.

Regular attendees are, of course, always eager to include newcomers. That’s why you will never be alone at these events. Instead, you will quickly get in touch with Dubai’s international community, meet great people and even make some new friends. You can register for those events on the events page of InterNations Dubai.

Dubai’s events are run by so-called InterNations Ambassadors, Philipp von Zitzewitz und Matthias Stoehr. They are the virtual “mayors” of the Dubai community, so to speak, and are also the contact persons for InterNations members in Dubai. They are the first ones to turn to for community-related issues.

While ambassadors volunteer to organize and run official events every month, members also often meet on informal get-togethers. Not only InterNations forums and groups are used by members to network. InterNations is also sharing intercultural trivia, international humor and the latest news on events on Facebook and Twitter.

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