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Just Dip It!

Gold prices too high and you still want something shiny? Take advantage of being in Dubai and just dip it! The spot price of silver per troy ounce (around 31 grams) is only US dollars 40.00, compared to the gold price currently US dollars 1791 per troy ounce.

You could take any silver piece of jewellery or buy something new such a chain or simple bracelet from a silver shop in Meena Bazaar. House of Silver is a very well established and reputable shop, select your item, have it weighed, pay the going silver rate and then take it round the corner to Royal Crown Jewellery who’ll give you an idea of the cost of dipping your item or really gold plating it for you. Gold dipping is quite common in Dubai. If they’re not busy, they can do a same day service (sometimes takes only an hour or two, that you can spend having a snack at Rangoli Café on Cosmos Lane or simply browse around the fabric and accessory shops in Meena Bazaar).

And voila you have a new gold bauble, albeit dipped. In the past I have done this with silver ear rings, and a bracelet, the shine tends to wear off after a while but the dull mat gold finish look is fine and very affordable! It’s a great idea for making a really unique present for someone too and very practical if you’re travelling and don’t feel comfortable wearing real jewellery. Leave it to Royal Crown Jewellery to tell you whether your item is suitable for gold dipping or not and do take any jewellery that needs repairing and repolishing, all this costs a fraction of what it would in a Western European country. Take advantage of the long awaited cooler weather coming our way soon and get out and about in Meena Bazaar.

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Article courtesy of Monica Kapila at

2 Responses to “Just Dip It!”

  1. Rowsee says:

    Does the gold fade after a while?

  2. Hi Rowsee,

    The shine fades after a while, but in my experience that usually makes the item look more real, as you’re left with a duller finish. It never fades back to the original silver colour so you’ve always got a goldish looking item. Hope this helps, Monica from

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