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Dubai Police launch awareness campaign for toll-free non-emergency number 901

The Dubai Police emergency line continues to receive a myriad of non-emergency calls each day, despite having established a separate general enquiries line to field such calls. The toll-free number 901 was initially launched last year to divert non-urgent calls from the emergency number 999 and limit its misuse. Since the establishment of the 901 number however, only about 10,000 calls have been received and general enquiry calls are still being made to the number for emergency services.
The emergency number 999 received over 1.5 million non-emergency calls last year and less than a quarter of the calls to 999 were actual emergencies. This puts tremendous pressure on emergency services and potentially delays emergency personnel from immediately responding to someone caught in a genuine emergency situation, who might be in dire need of assistance. Now, Dubai Police are calling on the public to understand the difference between 901 and 999 and be more mindful of the calls they make to the emergency line.

Dubai Police have launched an awareness campaign which aims to curb the misuse of the emergency call facility and educate the public about the non-emergency number 901 and what services it provides. Police ask that traffic inquiries, inquiries about obtaining a certificate of good conduct to requesting burial permission, be directed to 901 and not 999. The 901 call center operates around the clock to answer public enquiries whether they are related to Dubai Police or general information about Dubai. The center will also handle complaints and receive suggestions from the public.

Make this your dinner table discussion tonight. Children need to understand the importance of 999 and the negative effects of misusing the number. Before you dial 999, think whether the reason you are calling is a real emergency or not. Only call 999 in an emergency. The 999 emergency number is meant only for urgent police intervention or ambulance services. For non-emergency calls, use the assigned toll-free number 901.

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