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My Number, My Identity

In July 2012 the Telecommunications & Regulatory Authority (TRA) introduced a new policy by which the public are required to re-register their Etisalat & Du MOBILE numbers by updating their personal data with valid and up-to-date ID details.

The Telecommunications & Regulatory Authority (TRA) are reminding residents that a mobile phone number is an extension of their identity. ‘Sharing or giving away your SIM-Card to others can cause unwanted consequences, including being held accountable for any improper conduct or misuse associated with the mobile phone subscription by the authorities as well as being liable for all charges by the licensees. The owner of a SIM-Card and mobile phone subscription is responsible for the manner in which it is used and for the costs and charges associated with it. Before giving away your SIM-Card consider the potential risks you are subjecting yourself to.’

To register your mobile number you will need to present your Emirates National ID card or Passport showing residency visa to one of the outlets listed on the Du or Etisalat websites.

You should specify the mobile numbers (SIM cards) under your name that you would like to re-register. Re-registering your mobile accounts is mandatory and failure to do so will result in disconnection of those mobile numbers. The registered and re-registered mobile numbers will stay active as long as the ID is valid. Once the ID expired, you have to re-register the mobile numbers again. In case you do not re-register your mobile numbers after ID expiry, then those mobile numbers will be suspended and disconnected.

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