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New Safety Laws for Tyres

A common site while driving along any of Dubai’s roads is the large number of blown out tyres strewn across the road. This is very hazardous, not only for the driver of the vehicle who’s tyre just blew out but also for the rest of the on-coming traffic who has to swerve to avoid the shrapnel. One of the main causes for these blow-outs is that the tyres don’t meet the standards required for the weather in the region. Action in Dubai will soon be taken to try and avoid these situations with the resale and reuse of old tyres being banned, as the Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology’s (ESMA) new tyre quality management scheme comes into effect across the UAE.

This scheme will control the quality of tyres at every level, right from the manufacturing and storing to repair and disposal. New specifications are that tyres should have the quality to sustain temperatures in excess of 50 degrees celsius, in accordance with UAE weather. Another important regulation is that the total lifespan of each tyre is restricted to five years from the date of manufacture. Any tyre that is five years old, whether used or unused will be disposed of.

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