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Things you should not be doing on Facebook in the UAE | Expat Echo Dubai

facebookThings you should not be doing on Facebook in the U.A.E.
From 7 Days Dubai.


Following the TRA white paper that warns tagging people without consent could land you in trouble with the law, 7DAYS looks at eight other things you must know if you are a Facebook user in the UAE.

DON’T SHARE YOUR PASSWORD: The TRA warns that sharing a password, or entering it into a fake Facebook page, or losing a phone while Facebook is still open, could lead to a serious breach of your Facebook page security.

DO NOT POST VULGAR PICTURES OF DRINKING ALCOHOL: The authorities accept non-Muslims drink, but keep it under control. Facebook photos of drinks with friends will not likely offend, but drunken photos that offend Islamic values, or the morals of the UAE, can lead to legal trouble, the TRA warns.

DO NOT MAKE ‘FUNNY’ COMMENTS ABOUT ISLAM: One Egyptian was arrested in Abu Dhabi after workmates became offended by a beach picture he posted, in which he compared it to the women’s chapter of the Quran. He was jailed for causing offence. The TRA also warns against offending Muslim values.

DO NOT POST OTHER PEOPLE’S PICTURES OR VIDEOS WITHOUT CONSENT: Don’t post without asking, whether it’s a friend or a photographer. Ignoring this rule could lead to a conviction forbreach of privacy or breach of copyright, the TRA said.

DO NOT MAKE THREATS: Any posts or comments that are abusive or threatening to other people can land you in court. There have been several cases were people have complained to the police about such social media posts and the poster has been arrested.

DO NOT GOSSIP: The police warned in the official 999 magazine last week that people could face fines of up to Dhs1 million if they spread false information. They highlighted recent cases where people post lies about MERS as an example of the type of post that could get you in trouble.

DO NOT POST ANY CONTENT YOU DO NOT WANT USED BY FACEBOOK: The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority warned in a public awareness message this week that Facebook has “broad rights…to use your content in any way it wants”. That means – if you ‘like’ a product, or a place, Facebook can sell that information.

DO NOT TAG ANYONE WITHOUT CONSENT: You’re at a party and suddenly your boss trips over a table and falls into the pool. Hilarious moment on Facebook, but have you asked their permission before you tag their name on your post? The TRA warns that tagging without permission can be a breach of defamation and privacy laws, both of which can carry hefty fines and even jail time.

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