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UAE Driver’s Licence

One of the challenges as an expat is maintaining a driver’s license in your home country. It’s amazing to me how many people I know who have let their home country’s license expire. Recently, my California driver license expired as I had used up my maximum of 2 online renewals allowed. It was my 3rd renewal (since I moved abroad) and they required that I come into the department of motor vehicle in person. This was not something that was possible at the time as I did not have a trip to California planned nor could I fit one in.

In addition to my US driver’s license, I also have obtained my Hungarian driver’s license as it was a legal requirement after my first year of legal residency. However, with our upcoming relocation to the UAE, I learned that it was an US valid driver’s license that was needed in order for me to get my UAE driver’s license without any road or written tests. Since I have been driving for over 20 years, I really didn’t want to have to go through either tests if I didn’t need to.

Therefore, on my recent trip back to the US, I was able to obtain a new US driver’s license. What a relief. Now I am not required to take either exam in the UAE. There are several other countries in which the UAE recognizes and allows local driving licenses without examinations. If you are moving to the UAE without one of these, you will have to undergo about 20 hours of driving time with a local instructor as well as a written exam. For more details, check further details on obtaining your UAE driving license.

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