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Leaves Dubai | Divorce in Dubai

leaves-dubaiWith divorce numbers rising to record levels in Dubai, rest assured that if you are one of the many finding themselves in this situation, you are not alone.

Yet separation and or divorce can be one of the hardest, loneliest and most overwhelming times you may ever have to face. It’s made harder by the fact that we are often far away from family, friends and people we might truly trust. It’s harder still when the legal system is so different from what we may know back home. This is why we formed Leaves Dubai, a support group for ex-pats going through these very issues. We’re not lawyers or legal advisors but a group that meets once a month to offer an ear and a comfy sofa from which experiences can be shared, without judgment or blame, support can be given, and advice can be sought where wanted. Collectively we have a reasonable amount of knowledge to shed some light on the many processes available here and hopefully make it all seem a little less daunting. We even share the odd laugh or two along the way.

For details of dates and venues find us on or contact us on or to speak to someone personally call +971 50 518 6821. All information is confidential.

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