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Looking For a New Way to Buy & Sell in Dubai

melltooWhen asked to describe what Melltoo is, Khaled Elsayed, an early adopter, replied: “Dubizzle on steroids”. Buying and selling is social, quicker, and easier on this mobile app for iOS and Androids. The key is the built-in instant messaging platform that allows buyers and sellers to communicate. No calls, no mails, just chat to buy and sell.

Co-founder, Morrad Irsane, was trying to buy a car on Dubizzle when he came up with the idea for Melltoo in Feb 2013. “I couldn’t get the sellers on the phone during the day and they were too tired to answer my questions at night,” explained Mr. Irsane, “so I whatsapp-ed them. And they always answered!” Instant messaging means instant responses resulting in quicker sales. Posting something for sale on Melltoo takes about 90 seconds. “Yes, I timed it”, states Mr. Irsane. Best of all, buying and selling is now a social experience. Melltoo has features that change the one-to-one relationship between buyer and seller into a many-to-many relationship of today’s social networks. Welcome to web 3.0.

Melltoo launched on the 1st of March 2014 and is available for iOS and Android. Search Melltoo in the App Store or Google Play Store.

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