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Lost your keys?

locksmithWe have all been victim to lost, runaway or hidden keys. In your home country you probably know exactly what to do and who to call to resolve the issue but if it happened to you and you are new to Dubai, would you know who to call for assistance?

Any situation involving lost keys is inevitably stressful and always inconvenient. Factor in the hot weather experienced in Dubai throughout much of the year, apply Murphy’s Law and it will probably happen during the summer months which is the worst time possible for this to happen. 
Whether you have lost your car keys or house keys there are people who can help.

Prices seem to vary greatly though so be aware. Here are some companies that can help you:

Prince Lock & Key Trading  are specialists in master keys, electronic keys, digital keys for cars and all sorts of other locks – not to mention they work round the clock, 24/7  and come highly recommend.
Prince Lock & Key Trading +971 50 855 2088 or +971 4 4319693
Golden Key Establishment  +971 4 335 5583
Locksmith Dubai + 971 52 7655 800
Abid Ali Locksmith + 971 55 928 5533
Dubai locksmith + 971 50 4371 622


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