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Maid Agencies Directory Dubai

For those who do not wish to sponsor a maid but still want to have some help around the house, there are several maid agencies in Dubai that provide cleaners and maids on an hourly basis, and for around  AED40 per hour they’ll take care of all your sweeping, mopping, dusting, washing, and ironing. Most companies stipulate a minimum number of hours, usually two or three per visit depending on the size of your home and regularity of bookings.

Alpha Cleaning Services
800 2737

Busy Bees

Dial a Maid
800 5151

Dubai Maids
+971 4 880 3111

Dubai Marina Maids
+971 50 910 7055

Eco Maid
+971 4 346 9774

Fair Maids Cleaning Services
+971 4 238 4467

Flexible Maid Dubai
+971 50 385 2177

Green Maids
+971 55 202 7233 /+971 55 202 7237

Home Maids
+971 4 339 7757

Housekeeping Co
800 57827

+971 4 238 0088

Ice Crystal Cleaning Service

+971 4 379 0770

Jumeira Maid Cleaning Services
+971 4 344 6690
+971 4 236 6117

Telephone: 04 330 7095
Mobile: 056 114 2434On

Maids In Dubai
+971 4 325 5318
+971 4 339 4151

Mermaid Home Care Services
+971 4 349 2326

Molly Maid
+971 4 339 7799

Ready Maids
+971 4 396 6779

Right Maids
+971 4 332 9001

Select Staff
+971 4 485 23 776 / +971 50 8038288

Speed Cleaning
+971 6 543 6333

The Perfect Help
+971 56 1156 596

Tylos Cleaning Services
+971 4 268 2755

If you’re considering a full-time/live-in maid make sure you read this first


9 Responses to “Maid Agencies Directory Dubai”

  1. Dorothy Torda says:

    It looks like you take a lot of time to update your blog, thanks for the tips!

  2. Tired in search for babysitter says:

    Called 8 from this list, in fact called all of them, but got through the line to only 8. After complying with the time and day as per agency requirement to get an available babysitter (who is the customer here?) had two different “babysitters” coming who did not even know which job they came in for… One of them tried to used her nail cutter attached to her key-chain to cut my child nails… The agencies badly need to improve their services, NONE of them that I could reach helped, either fully booked or do not have babysitters at all.

    • Alexis says:

      So sorry to hear about the challenges you faced.
      It may be helpful to note that the above directory is for Maids who predominately assist with household chores and cleaning and not babysitting. Although some of the above agencies may claim to offer additional services such as babysitting, domestic cleaning services are their primary field and the only services we would recommend you contact them for.
      Thanks for your feedback. We would like to help you in your pursuit to find babysitting services in Dubai so we are working on putting together a Babysitting Agencies Directory as we speak.
      Stay tuned…

  3. joji says:

    is there any agency who serve with maids after 8 pm

    • Louise says:

      Contact some of the agencies on the list as I am sure some can provide out of hours maid service for an extra cost. If it is for babysitting please see our baby-sitting directory.

  4. Ali says:

    Here is one more website which providing full time and part time maid service. Can you include this also? Here is the link and it’s mail id

  5. Kasia Pawlik says:

    Can you please add:

    KP Services – part time maids

    055 942 8225

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