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Maid Manners

MessyKitchenOne of the many advantages of living in Dubai is the availability of home help.  However, as with any new job to make this work for both you it is always best to clearly explain what you would be expecting and in some instances that may require a certain amount of training.  Maid Manners does just this.  The owner of this company came up with this idea after reading articles in local news papers, almost every day with either employers complaining about the maids or maids who were not getting treated well.

There is nothing better than coming home after a long day at work & everything is under control, clean house, tidy wardrobes, vegetables properly washed & on top of all that the HYGIENE.

Maid Manners training course for household staff is designed to improve the skills and knowledge of your household staff.  It can also be tailored to an individual family`s requirements.

This hands on course focuses on household management and hygiene. Staff will be taught to effectively and properly clean all surfaces, tables, windows, kitchen floor & bathroom… and why it is important to clean the corners and behind the door!!!  The class will also cover in depth daily hygiene, the importance of hand washing and preparation of food, fruits and vegetables. They will be taught to take care of a refrigerator and learn how illness is spread.  The aim of the course is to enable you to have well prepared domestic staff to enable the smooth running of the house.  Teaching and awareness will be given through informal classes and can be customized to fit in with your demanding schedules.

Other services:

Purchasing of foods and associated commodities.
Tailor made uniforms.
Healthy children lunch box (keep lunch boxes interesting).
Organization and home orderliness.

For individuals or families who are moving homes, they are able to assist with the careful unpacking and organization of your belongings in your new home.

Attention to detail is their key focus and they will assess each room in your home to determine what small and practical remaining items need to be added or adjusted for the purposes of tidiness and home orderliness (such as providing laundry baskets, towel racks, soap trays, cutlery drawers etc.).  With your consent we will be able to purchase and install all of these items for you, in order to provide your home with a pleasing and tidy finish.  They turn your unorganized mess into an aesthetically pleasing, functioning household.

And don’t think it`s a short term fix!!! Maid Manners have an easily understood system that lets you enjoy the benefits of our work for a long time.

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Office: +9714 3484647
Mob:    +971506509889

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