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Monday Moving Tip

Moving Tips 2It is important to take note of what is included and EXCLUDED when shipping goods.

Customers should always contact the “destination agent” for a full cost of possible charges at the final destination. It is impossible for the shipping agent to advise accurately in their quote what charges the customer will be faced with at the destination. This is because there is no way of knowing if your shipment will be subject to customs duties & taxes, customs inspection etc. All these charges must be paid for before any shipment is released. Until this time it is the customer who will be charged for extra storage time.

Shipments can arrive early as well as late and the departure or arrival date of a shipment is subject to change without prior notice. Delays or early arrivals can arise due to rough seas, bad weather, transshipment/ change in routines from the shipping lines, custom inspection etc.  Any such change may impact on both the timescale of your shipment and the possibility of additional charges at the destination port. These charges are the responsibility of the shipper and need to be paid in full prior the release of the shipment.

When shipments arrive at their point of entry to their destination the client will be entitled to “free days” and this is when customs clearances take place after this if you are not ready to receive the goods then extra storage charges will be charged.

It is very important therefore to read what the quote “excludes”.  All of the above reasons for extra charges will be listed there. These costs can be considerable if a shipment is not delivered from the port within the “free” days that the port allows for clearance. Whilst your Origin Agent will not be able to tell you the exact potential charges, you will have been provided with a name and contact number for your Destination Agent who is best placed to relay these potential charges.






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