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Monday Moving Tip

Moving Tips 2When booking a mover please remember to read all the small print especially with reference to what is and what is not included.

At the time of receiving your quote you may not have found your home and the end destination.  However, when you eventually do and you are ready to have your goods delivered it may be the case that there is a restriction on large trucks or containers in your street.  In this instance the moving company will either have to operate a Shuttle Service which is when your goods are transferred on to smaller trucks which have access  but need to do multiple trips back and forth or the moving company has to do a Long Carry ie physically carry the goods to your residence because the van or container cannot get near.  Extra charges will also be incurred if your building does not have a working lift or a large item ie sofa, large table etc does not fit in the lift and the moving company has to carry it up or down the stairs.


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