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Moving to the UAE

Planning a relocation to the UAE in the future?

Here are a few helpful tips when planning to bring your used household goods with you into the UAE.

With the correct preparation you can avoid paying unnecessary duties to customs.

1. When packing up your household goods in your home country (or last country of assignment), keep a detailed inventory with all values clearly listed.

2. The time frame for which you can import your goods duty free is short so prepare wisely.

3. You will need a valid UAE residence visa.

4. Your UAE residence visa should be valid for less than 6 months. If your goods arrive after your 6^th month of legal residency, customs will charge a percentage of duty on your assessed value of your imported household goods.

5. If your household goods arrive prior to your UAE residence visa completion, your sponsor company can also assist with importation. Keep in mind, customs will require a 5% deposit of your assessed value of your imported household goods which will be refundable once proof of your visa is given. If the visa is not issued and presented within a specific time frame of the importation of your goods, the refund will be invalid.

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