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Need to Send a Season’s Greeting Card? Doodleclick it.

The UAE’s first and only online personalised greetings card company!

Choose, create and personalise a greetings card and Doodleclick will deliver it…all at the click of a button! With hundreds of great cards to choose from, the card you create will be truly unique!

Doodleclick is a fun greetings card concept, based in the UAE. The concept is simple – choose a card, personalise it with the recipients name and perhaps add a photo, write your message inside and even upload another photo for fun on the back page then hit send! You can choose how Doodleclick sends the card – send a physical card which we print out and courier to the lucky recipient or upload it straight to their Facebook page (good news if you’ve left it too late!)

The service is great for people living in the UAE to send cards to friends but it is also perfect for family and friends back home who are often frustrated at either not being able to send a card or having to remember to do so weeks in advance.

They  have designed and created hundreds of great cards. You can upload photos and change the words to create a truly unique card with a very personal touch!

Put a smile on someone’s face today – send a Doodleclick card!


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