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New Chinese Supermarket and Restaurant in International City

chinese-supermarkets-in-dubaiDo you get bored shopping at your regular supermarket? I certainly do and so was delighted to find an amazingly authentic Chinese supermarket in Dubai’s International City where I bought fresh Kai Lan (Chinese broccoli) Choi Sum and Pak Choi all at around Dhs 3 to Dhs 5 per bunch, a fraction of what I’d normally pay. I also got a large packet of fresh brown noodles, some ready fried tofu, steamed chicken won tons for soup and all manner of baked rice snack items for school munchies; I even found some rice baked sweet snacks similar to chocolate but much lighter. I wasn’t brave enough to try some of the more exotic and painfully authentic ingredients such as the chicken’s feet or sheep’s tongue but steer clear of these more squeamish items and you still have a huge, well stocked shop that boasts fresh ingredients regularly flown in sensibly priced.

I loved it and will be back for more. While most of the items for sauces and pastes and packets are in Chinese, there are some Indian workers who can speak to you in English. Do visit and mention Monica from DoinDubai. Click here for what you need to know about shopping at the the Wen Zhou supermarket.

Most of DoinDubai’s outings are combined with a meal so I was taken to Quan Jude, a very authentic  Roast Duck café whose speciality was yes, roast duck with pancakes. We were privileged enough to be given some slivers of crispy duck skin that apparently are best eaten dipped in sugar! We then had the traditional roast duck with some homemade pancakes and accompaniments of spring onions and cucumber. We also tried some geranium leaves vegetable in Oyster sauce and a very unusual bitter gourd (Karela in Hindi) and egg dish. Chef Lee and his wife work together in the café and it seems to have already established a good reputation as the little eaterie had a number of local Chinese and some tourists

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