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Banking security in Dubai

lockWe are increasingly moving from brick and mortar banking to mobile and online banking. Unfortunately hackers and cyber criminals are keeping stride.
In 2012, the UAE faced as many as 5.1 million cyber-crimes that led to losses of around USD 420 million, according to Symantec. The need for enhanced cyber security cannot be undermined. Against this backdrop, banks are taking many steps to keep your money more secure. These include

Chip and PIN cards

Currently most UAE banks are replacing your credit and debit cards to migrate to the chip and pin technology. While it could be a bit of a cumbersome process of receiving and activating the cards, these banks have moved one notch higher in keeping your financial data secure. Chip and pin credit cards make it mandatory for the card owners to input their pins at the vendors’ terminal, eliminating the possibility of someone stealing your card and making transactions.

Are you still confused what credit card that is the best for you?

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