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More Good News for Dubai Cyclists

Bicycle master plan to help prevent deaths on Dubai roads

Following on from the announcement in January that the authorities will be constructing as many as 3,000 bicycle parking spaces for Dubai Metro users, by the first quarter of this year helping to avoid unruly parking of bicycles such as by tying them to trees the officials have now announced more dedicated lanes are to be planned across the city for Dubai for cyclists.

While the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) hopes to eventually make Dubai a cyclist friendly city by establishing more dedicated lanes, the priority is the integration of Metro stations via dedicated cycling lanes.

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2 Responses to “More Good News for Dubai Cyclists”

  1. Diane Petty says:

    In another vein it would be so much better if they passed a law stating they should all ride on the correct side of the road to start with.

  2. Khalid Adam says:

    one thing is passing the law. another is enforcing it.

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