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Move One’s QR Codes Bring Digital Age to the Palm of Your Hand

New QR Code technology is bridging the digital gap for potential clients in Dubai and around the world

Move One has accelerated its global marketing strategy by employing the latest information technology in the form of Quick Response (QR) Codes. These encoded pictures act as a bridge between physical objects, such as magazines and billboards, and Move One’s digital presence.

QR codes are already extensively used throughout Asia, especially in Japan and Thailand; one can even receive customs information at the airport upon landing, simply by pointing their Smartphone at them. Dubai recently launched the ‘Digital City ‘ project, in which all buildings will be given a QR code, linking to all the information about the building and the plot.

“Handheld devices with a camera and an internet connection, such as Blackberries and iPhones, are able to recognize a QR code and will open a web page, plot a map route, compose a text message or save a bookmark depending on the code’s instructions” explains Luanna Bicknell, Move One’s Director of Global Marketing. “Now that so many people carry their digital connectivity with them, the Internet is no longer a separate place to be visited. As the Worldwide Web infuses every aspect of our daily lives, the QR code is the latest way to seamlessly integrate Move One’s digital presence with our customers’ day-to-day activities.”

The company’s headquarters in Dubai has been using Quick Response codes to facilitate easier access to its wide-ranging services, and as part of an environmental policy to minimize print advertising. “Move One supports and sponsors local community events and sports teams by providing equipment and entertainment. These include kits, tents, bouncy castles and football shooters as well as donating the time of our fantastic team on the ground” Bicknell comments. “Adding QR codes to these promotional items raises awareness of the Move One brand not only physically, but digitally as well, reaching out to potential clients on both levels.”

In Dubai, these codes instantly navigate the user to Move One’s own, popular community website, Expat Echo Dubai , used by an ever-growing number of expatriates in the region for community news and the latest information on relocating and living in Dubai. Different codes are used to tailor the visitor’s digital experience based on their physical location or the event they are attending. Some codes will take the user to the company’s corporate Facebook page, which is updated with industry specific information, while others to Expat Echo Dubai, or specific information pages for their convenience.

As part of an ongoing expansion throughout the Middle East, Move One has also launched an online moving quote generating website , which will be heavily marketed in the Emirates through QR codes only. The digital barcodes will be strategically placed throughout Dubai communities for maximum impact during the imminent busy moving season.

If you already have a QR-enabled device, point it at the below codes and connect with us today. First click on the code you would like to scan to view a larger version.

Expat Echo Dubai Facebook page

Expat Echo Dubai

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