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Obtaining a Liquor License for Your Wife in Dubai

red-wineThe other day my husband went to  renew his liquor license. As before I wanted to be included  on the license. When he went to drop off the application form for the renewal of his liquor license they informed him at the liquor store that as of January 1, the wife needs to apply for her own license.

If your wife is working it is exactly the same procedure and forms as for yourself.

If your wife is not working, and here under the husbands visa, she needs to fill out the application form for herself, but she omits the section ‘Details of Employment’, and instead she has to submit the following documentation:

– photocopy of her own passport and residence visa;

– copy of No Objection Letter signed by husband (sample below);

– photocopy of her husband’s passport and residence visa;

– photocopy of her husband’s Employment Contract issued by the Ministry of Labour;

– photocopy of husband’s company Trade Licence;

– photocopy of Tenancy Contract;

– one recent passport photo.

No Objection Letter for Spouse s Liquor License-page-001

2 Responses to “Obtaining a Liquor License for Your Wife in Dubai”

  1. Greg says:

    And what if the wife is working and the Husband doesn’t? is it the same rules that apply?

    • Louise says:

      this is on the A&E website – “Your spouse under your sponsorship can now independently apply for liquor licence. He or she will need an NOC from you along with similar set of documentation as your application (passport copy, resi ” note it states “he or she” so yes the same rules apply.

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